Cabinet of curiosities_2013_Drawing, painting, wood, ceramics, objects_variable installation

Cabinet of curiosities_2011, ceramic, wood, hourglass_variable installation

Cabinet of curiosities_2011, ceramic, wood, hourglass_variable installation

Cabinet of curiosities_2011_Ceramic, wood, lighting, speakers_variable installation

Cabinet of curiosities_2012_Ceramic, wood, lighting, monitors, F.R.P_variable installation

Cabinet of curiosities_2011_Ceramic, wood, lighting, sand_variable installation

Cabinet of curiosities_2010_wood, F.R.P_variable installation

The thing that has perhaps had the greatest impact on my work is my passion for collecting. There are no doubt many other people that have such a hobby, and I take great pleasure in displaying my collected items together. My grandfather’s house, in which all kinds of craft (including statues, masks, and souvenirs) have been gathered from all around the world, has had a significant impact on me ever since I was young, due to the exotic nature of these items. This kind of environment served as a stepping-stone, giving me the desire to create something myself.  Inspired by with my grandfather’s collection, since 2009 I have been developing a series of works entitled Cabinet of Curiosities. Piecing together the impressions that I had taken from my grandfather’s collections, I began to make new sculptures which had a sense of familiarity about them. The main characteristics of the works in this series lie in the choice of primitive materials, such as clay and wood, that have existed alongside humankind throughout its history. These items are gathered and installed together as a form of personal collection in their final stage. Through this work, I seek to engage in humanity’s curiosity for objects, and furthermore place an emphasis on the pure enjoyment of the activity of making something, rather than an obsession with the concepts and strategies embedded in the world of contemporary art.

Cabinet of curiosities_2012_Ceramic and wood_variable installation

Cabinet of curiosities_2015_Ceramic and wood_

The cosmos in my room_2013_Acrylic on canvas_24.2 X 24.2cm(each)_Installation view