2013 - 2015



Contemporary of you and me_2014_Wood_Dimensions Variable















Still Untitled_2014_Acrylic on canvas_
















Still Untitled_2014_Wood, Ball, Electric fan_Variable installation















Contemporary of you and me_2014_Watercolor on paper_















No Land For Pinocchio_2014_Marker on cardboard, 40 x 20 x 20 (cm)

Contemporary tomorrow_2014_Steel, Light fixtures and tape_Dimensions Variable















You & Me & We & Everyone_2015_Acrylic on canvas_Dimensions Variable















Contemporary times_2015_Acrylic on canvas_Dimensions Variable















 World of whisper_2015_Fabric, Robot cleaner_40 x 90 x 40 (cm)














Still Untitled_2014_Wood, Ball, Electric fan_Variable installation















Ancient futures_2015_Lights fixtures, Steels and disco ball_Dimensions Variable















Contemporary inanimate conversations_2015_Trash can, LED light, and mike_Dimensions Variable














Blue mass_2014_Fabric, canvas, webcam, wood and laptop, Dimensions Variable

Detail view

WE ARE JUST A ISOLATED LIGHTHOUSE_2014_globe ball, B.B guns, tape, wood, Light bulb_80 x 80 x 380 cm

Since 2012 I have attempted to use found objects to trace stories around the kinds of things I experienced since reaching adulthood. In particular, a large portion of my work has focused on experiences that I had working part-time in a factory. While working there I saw people struggling because of the hard physical labor that they had to endure, all for the sake of their hopes and dreams. I worked hard alongside with them in the same space. Due to the recent global financial crisis, a lot of countries, including Korea, have undergone very difficult situations. However I would like to give a sense of hope to the hard working people. In order to represent a sense of hope I looked for objects that are commonly found in factories or working studios, such as light-bulbs, wastepaper baskets, mirrors and pieces of woods. In addition, I added my own statements and sometimes created a video to accompany the installation.

Detail view

Detail view

도끼가 없어 소총으로 나무를 자르다._2013_wood. Plastic gun_variable installation

Waiting for the melting point_2013_globe, wastebasket, wood, mirrors, light bulbs _ variable installation

Several lives_2013_Beach ball, wood, Wheel_100 x 50 x 80 (cm)

Constant Lives_2014_painting, wood _variable installation

Good bye my hero_2014_monitor, box tape_variable installation

Abandoned Art_2014_box, box tape_80 x 80 x 200(cm)

Abandoned Art_2014_box, box tape_variable installation

You & Me & We & Everyone_2014_Printing on garments_variable installation

Win! Win!_2014_Wood, hourglass, and cast of artist’s hand, hourglass_variable installation

Elegant New World_2013_RC model, Acrylic on wood_100 x 100 x 150 (cm)